Headmaster’s Initial Letter to Parents

19 March 2014

Dear Parents,

Earlier this year I wrote to you about the College’s introduction of the Blackboard Learning Management System, which replaces C3B.net.

This letter informs you about our next step towards personalised 21st Century learning: we are calling it the Citipointe iPad Initiative. Note that we do not intend to rush its introduction.

We have trialled the use of iPads on a small scale to support, enthuse and extend students in their day-to- day learning. In order to utilise Blackboard’s potential as a learning management system, in addition to accessing other online digital resources, students will eventually need a 1:1 device that is their own.

Our first information step is to make you aware of a preferred direction, based on success in the trial that was mentioned earlier. The precise device that a student uses for their learning may not matter all that much to the student. However, for the College to provide the network capability and the software that supports student learning, it matters a great deal.

We think the reliability and ease of use of an Apple iOS device will deliver what we are looking for, and at a lower cost to you than a laptop program. Eventually, over a three-year period beginning in 2015, Citipointe students from Years 4-12 will need their own iPad. We note that some students may already own an iPad which they may be able to use. Further details on a base specification of iPad supported by the College network will be provided shortly.

Why does a student need to own their own device? The College believes that the teaching and learning benefits of the iPad will provide a personalised educational environment of anywhere, anytime learning, which takes full advantage of the flexibility that Blackboard can provide, at school or at home.

Some of the benefits may include:

  • an “always-on” mobile device,
  • broader access to digital research materials,
  • identifying specific apps for specific individual needs,
  • self-directed / self-paced learning,
  • enhanced student engagement,
  • a wider range of methods for teachers to develop learning experiences, and
  • the future possibility for e-textbooks replacing physical textbooks.

But please do not immediately go out and buy an iPad for your student. I will provide a further letter in Term 2 that will contain details about the initiative. As well, parents, especially of students in selected year levels for deployment in 2015, will have the opportunity to receive further and more detailed information on the Citipointe iPad Initiative at a parent information evening early in Term 3, 2014.

At this stage we want to provide parents with some basic information about the future direction of personalised digital learning at Citipointe.

Yours sincerely,

Pastor Ron Woolley B Sc Dip Ed MACE AFAIM FCHC


Headmaster’s Second Letter to Parents

26 June 2014

Dear Parents,

During Term 1 I wrote to you about our introduction of the Citipointe iPad Initiative beginning in 2015.

This letter provides further detail relating to the iPad Initiative, and directs you to an area of our College website, called Learn@Citipointe, which has been commissioned to provide information about technology teaching and learning initiatives at Citipointe.

To access the Learn@Citipointe information portal, select the “Learn@Citipointe” option under the My Citipointe menu on the main College website, or visit the following link: http://learn.coc.edu.au in your preferred web browser.

The table below highlights the year the students will need to bring their own iPad to class:

  2015 2016 2017
     Primary Year 4 Year 4 & 5 Year 4, 5 & 6
     Middle Year 7 Year 7 & 8 Year 7, 8 & 9
     Senior Year 10 Year 10 & 11 Year 10, 11 & 12

Note that Preparatory – Year 3 students will be utilising school-owned iPads in their classrooms, and will not be required to purchase an iPad.

  • The minimum specification iPad recommended for College use in 2015 is the iPad 4.
  • However, the College strongly recommends the iPad Air for parents purchasing a new iPad, as this will give the longest device lifespan (2-3 years) before next purchase.
  • Note that whilst the College network will support the iPad 2 and 3 for 2015 (if students already own an iPad 2 or 3), it is likely these iPad versions will not be supported beyond 2015 due to performance and operating system limitations.
  • The iPad Mini will be supported on the College iPad Initiative.
  • The iPad 1 will not be supported on the College iPad Initiative.
  • The College also advises parents against the 3/4G cellular version of the iPad as this makes content filtering / safety monitoring of the device difficult.

Parent information evenings highlighting specific details for the year levels listed in the table above for 2015 will be scheduled during Term 3, 2014.

We are currently in negotiations with the Apple Store in Westfield Carindale over potential loyalty pricing and support benefits for parents of the College. We will be notifying parents of the outcome of these negotiations at the parent information evenings in Term 3. The College recommends parents wait until after these parent evenings to visit the Apple Store Carindale if planning to purchase a new iPad.

For more information on the philosophy behind the Citipointe iPad Initiative, its implementation, and answers to frequently asked questions, please visit the Learn@Citipointe website outlined above.

Yours sincerely,

Pastor Ron Woolley B Sc Dip Ed MACE AFAIM FCHC


iPad Parent Evening – Letter to Parents for iPad Initiative 2017

11 August 2016

Dear Parents,

In line with our Citipointe iPad Initiative, from 2017 all students in Years 4 – 12 will be required to bring iPads to school. Note that Preparatory – Year 3 students will be utilising school-owned iPads in their classrooms, and will not be required to purchase an iPad.

As parents of students currently in 2016 Years 3, 6 and 9, who will be part of the third group to take part in the iPad Initiative continuing in 2017, you are invited to attend an iPad information night. The purpose of the night is to provide details regarding the iPad Initiative and to answer any questions you may have. Please see the schedule for the evening below.

For minimum iPad specifications and purchasing recommendations, please visit our Learn@Citipointe website http://learn.coc.edu.au and click on the links to Technology | Which iPad?

Apple has available an online portal for Citipointe parents wanting to purchase Apple products, including iPad, AppleCare+ warranty and accessories at discounted prices. Parents are welcome to purchase at any time from the portal and also to have their iPad set up for school by booking a time at the Apple Store, Carindale.

To purchase online at the Citipointe discounted pricing, please visit our Learn@Citipointe website, http://learn.coc.edu.au/technology/ipad/purchase/ and click on the Citipointe Apple Online Store link to make your secure purchase via the Apple portal.

From the table below you can view the topics to be discussed during the evening. Attendance is not compulsory and if you are unable to attend, each of the agenda items is explored in further detail on the Learn@Citipointe website as shown in the links below.

When:               7:00pm – 8:00pm on Thursday 8th September 2016

Where:              S1 (Science Centre)

iPad Initiative 2017 Parent Night Program

Agenda Item Staff Topic Website Location
Welcome Mr Francis (http://learn.coc.edu.au/)
Educational Philosophy Mrs Moore

Mrs Gravestein



iPad Initiative 2017 Mr Davis (http://learn.coc.edu.au/technology/ipad/year-levels/)




iPad @ Citipointe Mrs Blackwell

Mrs Fouche

iPad & Cyber Safety Mr Francis (http://learn.coc.edu.au/cyber-safety/school/)
Q & A Panel (http://learn.coc.edu.au/faqs/)

Tea and coffee will be served at the conclusion of the night, giving you an opportunity for further discussion.

If you have any questions prior to the evening that have not been answered on the learn.coc.edu.au website, please email them through to: reply@brisbane.coc.edu.au with subject iPad Initiative.

Yours sincerely,

Mr Ben Davis

Director of ICT