What do I do if I can not find the required information on Blackboard?

While every effort is made to ensure Blackboard is kept up to date in every year level or subject area, occasionally there may be instances where by the required information is not available. Reasons for this may range from technical difficulties, to human error.  If this is the case several things can be done. First, please ask your child if they can find it. They should be more familiar with the system and may be able to assist. Failing this, please contact the classroom or subject teacher. This can be done via a note in the diary or via email through or depending on the are of the school your child is enrolled. A further means of assistance is to use the Enquiry Email at the top of this page.

Is using Blackboard different in Primary from Secondary School?

The difference that a student should expect to see upon entering Secondary School is that Secondary is predominantly subject based. Blackboard is reflective of this and its separate courses are developed for each of the distinct subject areas.  In Primary School there is an element of this however an integral part of the Primary Blackboard experience is in the year level organisation that is developed for non subject specific elements such as homework or year level information. This year level organisation exists in Secondary as a place for non subject specific communication, however tasks such as homework and assignments will remain in subject courses only.

How can I access my child’s Blackboard courses?

By entering the following web address in any browser,, you will be presented with the login screen. You will need to enter your child’s school username and password to access their courses. Blackboard also has an app called Blackboard Mobile Learn and is available for iOS and Android.

Should I know my child’s passwords?

Yes. It’s important that you have access and control of their iPad and be able to keep up-to-date with what is happening in their subjects by viewing their courses in Blackboard. To get the details of your students username and password please go to Synergetic portal at

What is the College’s advice about children overusing technology?

The overuse of technology, whether it be phones, tablets, TV or gaming devices, may lead to a variety of problems such as sleep deprivation and addiction. This is true for children and adults alike. The College advises against students using any form of technology that has a bright screen before going to sleep (see Bright Screens Could Delay Bedtime for more details). Some children can also find using particular devices highly addictive. It is important that parents are able to recognise the key signs and put appropriate boundaries in place. Please read the following article for more advice on this matter. Technology Addiction and Young People

How do get my student’s login details to access Blackboard?

To get the details of your students username and password please go to Synergetic portal at

What information will I find in Blackboard?

Blackboard contains information for each of your child’s subjects such as student overviews, assessment details as well as content including resources, worksheets and other learning activities. See “Using Blackboard” for more details.

What does my child need to use Blackboard for?

Students use Blackboard to access a variety of important information about their subjects including an overview of the course, assessment information as well as resources, worksheets and other learning materials and activities. Blackboard also provides a way for students to communicate with each other and their teachers both in class and outside the classroom. Students can receive important announcements from their teacher through Blackboard and the Calendar feature provides an efficient way for students to stay organised.

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